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Newsletter Hessen Trade & Invest GmbH  1 / 2013

Dear Sir or Madam,

Today you are receiving the Hessen Trade & Invest GmbH's newsletter for the first time. The Hessen Trade & Invest GmbH is the economic development company for the State of Hessen. Our central task is to position and strengthen Hessen as an economic and technology site nationally and internationally. Together with representatives from industry, science and government, we work as a catalyst to develop Hessen further and make it permanently competitive for the future.

We would like to inform you frequently on Hessen's great and small achievements and hope to entertain you also a little bit by doing this.

Dr. Rainer Waldschmidt
Hessen Trade & Invest GmbH

Hessen – An International Business Location in the Heart of Europe

Hessen is one of the leading business locations in Europe combining economic strength and innovation with cosmopolitanism. Hessen lies in the heart of Europe giving companies and investors the key to the biggest market worldwide. More than 500 million consumers are part of the European Union, 35 million within a radius of 125 miles around Frankfurt.
Hessen has one of the highest GDP per employee in Europe, making it one of the most important business regions in Europe and the world. Global companies in a wide range of industries are located in Hessen, in particular in the automotive, pharmaceutical and chemical industries, as well as in the optical, aviation and aeronautics, bio-technology, energy, medical technology, creative, logistics, IT, services and financial services sectors.

More International Than Any Other German State

Moving to Hessen, or just coming for a visit, feels like coming home. No matter where you are from, you will find a bit of your homeland in Hessen. Hessen has well-earned the title: "Germany's most international business location".
Thanks to the 745,000 international citizens from over 180 countries, Hessen offers a wide range of connections and communities for people from almost all nations. In terms of business, society and culture, Hessen is very diverse. It is a place of exchange and cooperation, with a sense of warm hospitality and mutual respect.


Part one of our series featuring “Recent Foreign Investments” in Hessen

Wipro Technologies (India) opened their new central office for Europe in Frankfurt am Main in 2014. The company with international headquarters in India is one of the leading providers of IT and consulting services worldwide. From their central office at the “Mainmetropole”, the company plans to intensify their commitment in Europe, one of the enterprise’s strategic growths markets. “With the opening of our central office for Europe, we expand our presence and emphasize our commitment to our customers and partners in the region,” explained Ulrich Meister, Board Member of Wipro Technologies.

WELCOME TO HESSEN! Tourism in Hessen

Versatility is an essential strength of the state. Whether an active holiday or to experience nature, a wellness holiday or a cultural trip - here you feel really comfortable. You'll be surprised!
Come on into the countryside: Hessen's regions want to be discovered and offer a multitude of opportunities for your active holiday. Enjoy the beauty of nature. Numerous castles and chateaus characterize the scenic profile and complement the cultural diversity of Hessen. Here Baroque meets the Modern Age; Goethe meets the fairytale land of the Grimm brothers.


"The Hessen Way of Life" 

"Where do you want to go today? All the way to the stars? We will take you there, here in Hessen!" The state’s new image film "The Hessen Way of Life" begins with these words.
At the beginning of the film the German astronaut and ESA Director Dr Thomas Reiter and a boy, who is visiting the European Space Operations Centre (ESOC) in Darmstadt, take the film´s viewers on an exciting journey to the economic and technology location of Hessen.

Hessen Trade & Invest – The Economic Development Agency for Hessen

Hessen Trade & Invest GmbH (HTAI) is the economic development agency of the state government of Hessen. Our task is to ensure the sustained development of Hessen as a business and technology location and enhance the region’s competitiveness. Our targeted activities contribute to ensure and increase the prosperity and standard of living of all inhabitants of Hessen. To achieve that, we cooperate closely with our partners in business, industry, science, administration and government.

Expertise: Hessen's Research Sector

Scientists in Hessen have achieved some amazing results: a new antibiotic derived from the blood of ladybug beetles ... the discovery of a new chemical element ... Hessen is a leading business location for advanced scientific research and development.
Did you know... that no other German federal state has more employees in the sciences and research than in Hessen? A total of 46,000 people are employed at dozens of universities and other research institutes. The majority of the research expenditures are from companies who utilize this creative environment to expand their R&D centers. The unique cooperation leads to world-class innovations in Hessen.