Newsletter Hessen Trade & Invest GmbH  February 2015

Dear Sir or Madam,

Today you are receiving the Hessen Trade & Invest GmbH's newsletter for the first time. The Hessen Trade & Invest GmbH is the economic development company for the State of Hessen. Our central task is to position and strengthen Hessen as an economic and technology site nationally and internationally. Together with representatives from industry, science and government, we work as a catalyst to develop Hessen further and make it permanently competitive for the future.

We would like to inform you frequently on Hessen's great and small achievements and hope to entertain you also a little bit by doing this.

Dr. Rainer Waldschmidt
Hessen Trade & Invest GmbH


Hessen assumes a central position in Germany and Europe, both geographically and economically. It has the strongest economy of and the highest labor productivity making it the leading German federal state with a gross domestic product by workforce number of around 72,000 Euros. Hessen´s economic heart beats in the Rhine Main area, where over 80 percent of gross value creation is generated. The service sector constitutes the majority of this with over 75 percent. As a hub for transportation, a convention location, and a financial center, Frankfurt is one of the top ten leading economic regions worldwide. Hessen is also a leading international economic region, with a high quality of life. People from more than 180 nations contribute to its cultural variety, cosmopolitan outlook, and vibrant day to day living and shared activities in education, at work and at play.

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2012 has once again seen high demand for the program Start-up and Growth Financing Hessen (GuW Hessen): 385 million The Economic Promotion has invested 559.5 million  euros in 31,500 jobs and apprenticeships and created an additional 1,440 vacancies.
The WIBank is a legally dependent institution, forming part of the regional state bank of Hessen and Thüringen. As the promoting institute of Hessen, the WIBank covers a wide range of the European structural funds, via federal and state programs, as well as capital market-based promotional products, and represents nearly the entirety of promotional activities. It works with all 70 banks on an independent, non-competitive basis.


More than half the member states generated a lower GDP in 2012 than Hessen.
The economic weights of the states assembled under the umbrella of the European Union vary greatly. The spread of nominal Gross Domestic Products (GDP) ranges from nearly seven billion euros (Malta) to 2644 billion euros (Germany). Apart from Germany, in 2012 France was above the 2000 mark for the first time with 2030 billion euros. 21 of the 27 EU states, i.e. the vast majority, produced goods and services with a value of less than 500 billion euros in 2012. Ten of them produced less than 100 billion euros.


"Where do you want to go today? All the way to the stars? We will take you there, here in Hessen!" The state’s new image film "The Hessen Way of Life" begins with these words.
At the beginning of the film the German astronaut and ESA Director Dr Thomas Reiter and a boy, who is visiting the European Space Operations Centre (ESOC) in Darmstadt, take the film´s viewers on an exciting journey to the economic and technology location of Hessen.

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The Frankfurt Rhine-Main metropolitan region is one of the most successful metropolitan regions in Germany. Despite a current and forecast decline in average population in Germany, due to its national and international attractiveness the region has succeeded in countering these negative development tendencies and has successfully positioned itself. Success factors include the financial and economic center of Frankfurt and the great regional significance of the tertiary sector.


Connectivity throughout Europe to accelerate growth and increase competitiveness.

Hessen is forging a European alliance for the promotion of nanotechnology. Participation includes regions of Germany, Belgium, France, England, Holland, and Ireland. The EU is endowing the establishment of the alliance with nearly 1.7 million Euros through the INTERREG program IVb NWE, called NANORA (NanoRegionsAlliance).

Katrin Binner / TU Darmstadt

TU-Darmstadt reported that TU-Darmstadt computer-science professor Mira Mezini was honored with the European Union´s best-endowed research award, an "Advanced Grant" of 2.3 million Euros conferred by the European Research Council (ERC). She intends to use the funding for basic research into the programming of software that will be fit for the "cloud".


Investors profit from the central location of Hessen in the heart of Europe, the very well established infrastructure with one of the largest airports world-wide, one of the leading economic sites in Europe; qualified employees and an excellent research landscape. If you would also like to establish a presence for your company in Hessen, relocate or expand your company´s footprint, we would like to support you with our cost-free location advisory services.