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Hessen Leads Alliance of Nanoregions

Connectivity throughout Europe to accelerate growth and increase competitiveness


Hessen is forging a European alliance for the promotion of nanotechnology. Participation includes regions of Germany, Belgium, France, England, Holland, and Ireland. The EU is endowing the establishment of the alliance with nearly 1.7 million Euros through the INTERREG program IVb NWE, called NANORA (NanoRegionsAlliance).


Commerce Secretary Florian Rentsch signed for the allotment on behalf of the alliance, thus paving the way for its implementation. "Several regions have come together to form this alliance, each possessing specific strengths in the nanotechnology field.   Through this focused collaboration we will be able to support the expansion of the high-tech industry that is so important for Europe", said Rentsch. A joint effort is necessary for the European regions to prove themselves as competitive leaders worldwide. 


Dealing with microscopic structures, nanotechnology is considered a key technology today.   The technology renders solar cells more effective, makes new medical treatments possible, and lowers resource consumption.   Without nanotechnology, the electronics and semiconductor industries could not exist as we know them today.