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Hessen Invest - Investment Consulting

Hessen is the economically strongest state in Germany in relation to its size. With approximately 3.2 million gainfully employed persons and a gross national product of 229 billion Euros, Hessen is characterized by above-average high work productivity and minimal unemployment.


Investors profit from the central location of Hessen in the heart of Europe, the very well established infrastructure with one of the largest airports world-wide, one of the leading economic sites in Europe; qualified employees and an excellent research landscape.


If you would also like to establish a presence for your company in Hessen, relocate or expand your company’s footprint, we would like to support you with our cost-free location advisory services.


We will assist you in finding a location in Hessen based on your specific requirements, provide comprehensive information on commercial or residential real estate; inform you about the legal and tax laws, as well as funding possibilities.


In cooperation with you, we will provide individual solutions for your project. Our team will accompany you from the initial exploration phase to the final establishment of your enterprise. We organize investor meetings and site visits on your behalf in cooperation with local economic development agencies in Hessen. Through continuous exchange, we will ensure that you receive optimal counsel.


We would like to support you to successfully establish your business in Hessen and invite you to contact our Invest Team.


We would like to support you in your establishment activities.
You can find our contacts at www.invest-in-hessen.com


Looking for a site in Hessen? The Site Selection System Hessen can help you!




Site Marketing

Our primary mission is to market Hessen as one of the strongest economic regions in Europe, on a national and international level. Our goal is to further increase the positive image of the location and to guide regional and international representatives from politics, economics, and research entities on Hessen.


We promote Hessen as an economic site via high-level events. We organize two flagship events that provide high visibility to the area, the annual corporate competition, Hessen Champions, as well as Hessen's Mobility Congress. We establish contacts and cultivate our good relations with external partners, such associations, networks and business development agencies.


Our team implements effective media projects: image films, image brochures, industry profiles and reports to inform target groups about Hessen. They are designed to stimulate interest by domestic and foreign investors for economic and technology sites in Hessen, and are presented at international conventions, events, delegation trips and internet platforms.


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