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08. Sep 2016
Frankfurt as a Chemical Industry Location: The Nuplex-Allnex Merger

22. Aug 2016
A new study shows that Frankfurt am Main is ahead of the pack

22. Jul 2016
The US company Velodyne LiDAR comes to FrankfurtRheinMain

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Welcome to Frankfurt - Welcome to Hessen

Data and facts on the Brexit and information on Germany and Hesse, Germany's Business State and Gateway to Europe.


“We are Hessen – Germanys Business State”

We look forward to telling you about Hessen’s credentials as a place to do business, its international presence, its capacity for innovation and – last but not least – the high quality of life that it offers.


Annual Report 2014/2015

The new annual Report points up the important impact of HTAI in the trading years 14/15 as a state wide promotor of economic development.


Ecodesign for a resource-efficient economy

Why companies and developers engage in  Ecodesign, what Ecodesign is and how it works in practice


Biotech in Hessen - Facts and Figures

gives an impressive account of Hessen’s productivity as a biotechnology region.


Hessen 2016 – Facts and Figures

Information about: Economic Structure, Infrastructure, Trade Fairs and Exhibitions, Employment Markets and –Rates and more.


Hessen Image Film

Business Newsletter Hessen

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